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Eid-al-Azha - Should there be no Qurbani in 2020 due to COVID-19 ?
क्या 2020 में करोना वायरस कोविड-19 की वजह से क़ुरबानी नहीं की जाए ? देखिए टीवी डिबेट @News18Urdu
‎عید الاضحى- کیا اس سال قربانی کرنی ہے ؟


جسم اور روح शरीर और आत्मा Body & Soul



  New Delhi Feb 12, 2019 - ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood’s address to the Members of Exec Com, Janseva Coop Credit Society Ltd - Topic: Key to Successful Administration
[Posted 13 Feb 2019] click here

  Book Release - DENIAL & DEPRIVATION authored by Abdur Rahman IPS presided over by ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood - PPT
[Posted 08 Feb 2019] 
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PowerPoint Presentation of ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
in the presence of Union Minister Sri NITIN GADKARI Ji Nagpur - 03 Feb 2019


Shola e Namrood hai raushan zamaane mein to kya
PowerPoint Presentation by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood












Debate over Backward Districts on News18









Civil Services result 2017 : ETV debate

News-18 India coverage of ZFI




  2nd National Social Leadership Summit 2016
[Published on Mar 6, 2016] click here

  Syed Zafar Mahmood Top # 5 Facts
[Published on Nov 5, 2015] click here

  Zafar Mahmood, President Zakat Foundation addresses at NOBA
[Published on Jan 2, 2016] click here

  Ittehaad-e Millat Conference organised by Zakat Foundation of India
[Published on Mar 31, 2016] click here

  Dr Zafar Mehmood Presentation
[Published on Feb 13, 2016] click here

  "Qurani Irshadaat" Book Release
[Published on May 16, 2012] click here

  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood Speaking About Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
[Published on Apr 25, 2016] click here

  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood on his presentation before PM Narendra Modi
[Published on Jul 6, 2013] click here

  Dr. Zafar Mahmood with Adil Mohd On HBDB "Charity Beyond Our Needs" full episode
[Published on Feb 22, 2012] click here

  National Muslim Strategy: We need to change gear
[Published on Mar 19, 2013] click here

  Election Declaration
[Published on Dec 8, 2013] click here

  "Wakf Properties Bill, Grossly Ignored Sachar Recommendations" Dr. Zafar Mahmood
[Published on Mar 2, 2012] click here

  "Importance of Juma Sermon" Dr. Zafar Mahmood with Adimohd on HBDB Etv
[Published on Apr 4, 2012] click here

  Zafar Mahmood: Man with the plan, TwoCircles News Network interviews Dr. Zafar Mahmood
[Published on Jul 12, 2013] click here

  Zafar Mahmood: Man with the plan
[Published on Nov 20, 2011] click here

  Zakat Foundation of India - Sir Syed Coaching & Guidance Centre
[Published on Aug 30, 2010] click here

  Khas Mulakat-Syed Zafar Mahmood-Civil Servant-Social Activist-On 28th Feb 2016
[Published on Mar 2, 2016] click here

  IICC Commemoration - Oct 11, 2014

  Dr Zafar Mahmood on Indian Muslims and Sachar Committee Report (Part 1 to 6)
[Published on Mar 14, 2007] click here

  Syed Zafar Mahmood Key Note "UPA 1 UPA 2 Promises Performance Last Window of Opportunity" @ Reach
[Published on Dec 8, 2013] click here

  Jahaan-e-makafaat & Dr. Syed Zafar
[Published on Nov 19, 2011] click here

  Review Wakf Bill: Restore Muslim Ownership (Part 1 to 3)
[Published on May 15, 2011] click here

  CNN reports on Zakat Foundation
[Published on Sep 4, 2010] click here

  Zakat Foundation of India - Happy Home
[Published on Sep 1, 2010] click here

  Zakat Foundation of India - Adams Hospital
[Published on Aug 30, 2010] click here

  Justice Sachar & Justice Mishra Report: Dr. Zafar Mahmood
[Published on Jul 11, 2013] click here

  EID MILAN Presentation in New Delhi 03 August 2014
[Posted August 06 2014] click here

  Chicago presentation - Nuances of Community Uplift - 21 June 2014 - AMU Old Boys Federation
[Posted June 23 2014] click here

  Current developments in Indian Muslim community Presentation made at Frankfurt
[Posted Feb 11 2014] click here

 Ahinsa Ka Parbandhan, Presentation
[Posted Nov 9 2013] click here

 Pune Presentation
[Posted Oct 27 2013] click here

 Muzaffarnagar Situation & Solutions : Long-term & short-term
[Posted September 19 2013] click here

 Video clips of Eye Witnesses of Murder & Rape in Muzaffarnagar
[Posted September 19 2013] click here

 Urdu NCPUL Presentation
[Posted September 5 2013] click here

 (PPT) UPA's last window of opportunity: Muslims expect 20 actions by Dec 2013
[Posted July 31 2013] click here

 (Video-Youtube) Not implemented: Justice Sachar Committee and Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission's Reports - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President, Zakat Foundation of India.
[Posted July 14 2013] click here

 Iqbal on Khudi
[Posted July 13 2013] click here

 The Ahmedabad Presentation 29 June 2013
[Posted July 11 2013] click here