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   IICC Commemoration - Oct 11, 2014


قلب سلیم عشق خدا کا سرچشمہ ہوتا ہے
Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, President, Zakat Foundation of India


  Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood’s short motivational address to bright youth - Sept 20, 2021
[Posted 22 Sep 2021] click here

  Obamaspeak: Let us set the world on a different path
[Posted 28 July 2020] click here

  Corona's spiritual lesson for humanity
[Posted 08 Apr 2020] click here

  Management lessons from Streets of India
[Posted 22 Feb 2020] click here

  Ham sab ka Hindustan hai ye
[Posted 02 Jan 2020] click here

  Happy New Year 2020
[Posted 31 Dec 2019] click here

  Some socially conscious NRIs got together in Dubai on Nov 12, 2019 — to think about 2119 - Interactive session with the visiting President of Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
[Posted 20 Nov 2019] 
click here

  What Is The Present Situation Of Muslims, What Was The Vision Of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?
[Posted 13 Oct 2019] click here

  Empowering the Deprived - interfaith Group Discussion in New Delhi on July 28, 2019
[Posted 29 July 2019] click here

  Celebrating Yoga & Namaz
[Posted 22 June 2019] click here

  Felicitation of Dr Najma Akhtar as first lady VC of JMI
[Posted 27 May 2019] click here

  Ayodhya Issue rapprochement
[Posted 07 Mar 2019] click here

  New Delhi Feb 12, 2019 - ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood’s address to the Members of Exec Com, Janseva Coop Credit Society Ltd - Topic: Key to Successful Administration
[Posted 13 Feb 2019] click here

  Book Release - DENIAL & DEPRIVATION authored by Abdur Rahman IPS presided over by ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood - PPT
[Posted 08 Feb 2019] 
click here

  MUSLIM ISSUES & THEIR SOLUTIONS PowerPoint Presentation of ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood in the presence of Union Minister Sri NITIN GADKARI Ji Nagpur - 03 Feb 2019
[Posted 03 Feb 2019] click here

  ZFI President was chief guest at MESCO Golden Jubilee Celebrations at Mumbai - January 27, 2019
[Posted 27 Jan 2019] click here

  22 Bishops of United Methodist Church, USA were hosted by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood, Dr (Mrs) Nazira Mahmood, Rev Fr (Dr) Packiam Samuel - IICC - New Delhi - January 04, 2018
[Posted 05 Jan 2019] click here

  India Islamic Cultural Center - 1981-2018 - Genesis, Aims, Obligations
[Posted 03 Jan 2019] click here

  The BL Video
[Posted 29 Dec 2018] click here

  آئیے ہم اپنے دل کی غار حرا میں خلوت نشینی اختیار کریں
Let us saddle ourselves in our heart’s Ghaar Hira
[Posted 15 Dec 2018] click here

  Muslim Christmas Song
[Posted 13 Dec 2018] click here

  ZFI President was chief guest at Jalsa Seeratun Nabi (S) - Lucknow
[Posted 05 Dec 2018] click here

  George Bernard Shaw, Noble Prize winner in Literature in 1925
[Posted 18 Nov 2018] click here

  ZFI Prez addressed the Annual Educational Conference in Vadodara Nov 12, 2018
[Posted 12 Nov 2018] click here

  Happy Raksha Bandhan
[Posted 26 Aug 2018] click here

  Interfaith Love & Affection - The Islamic Mandate
[Posted 25 July 2018] click here

  Dua by Kashmiri Lady
[Posted 5 June 2018] click here

  Hamare Masail - Special Discussion Over Zakat On News18 Urdu
[Posted 4 June 2018] click here

  Voice of America (Urdu Audio) : Website  |  Facebook
[Posted 23 Apr 2018] click here

  Our very dear Justice Rajinder Sachar is no more. Deeply saddened ... personal loss ... Nation’s loss ... big jerk for benevolence. He was lighting spirit of goodness, truthfulness, philanthropy and plain speaking. There’s lot to learn from his life.
[Posted 20 Apr 2018] click here

  For advancing Urdu language and literature and for his educational, literary and faith services Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood is conferred with PRIDE OF URDU Award by Jamia Urdu, Aligarh
[Posted 16 Apr 2018] click here

  Singh’s Sayings
[Posted 12 Apr 2018] click here

  Kinds of Sadaqah
[Posted 6 Apr 2018] click here

[Posted 6 Apr 2018] click here

  An 11 year girl can transform national discourse
[Posted 26 Feb 2018] click here

  Azerbaijan: A protagonist of global Islamic solidarity by Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood
[Posted 22 Feb 2018] click here

  Taj Mahal's Spiritual Message book release in New York
[Posted 13 Feb 2018] click here

  Let us fix the 21st Century
[Posted 31 Jan 2018] click here

  Our problems and their solution - Annual Day of Al-Hikmah Foundation - Ghalib Academy, New Delhi
[Posted 25 Dec 2017] click here

  In Azarbaijan capital, Baku, ZFI President spoke at the Conference: 2017 - Year of Islamic Solidarity - Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
[Posted 25 Dec 2017] click here

  Presentation made at Azarbaijan international conference on 2017: Year of Islamic Solidarity - Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue on 21 December 2018
[Posted 21 Dec 2017] click here

  Maulana Wasi Hasan Khan with Syed Irfan Abbas
[Posted 20 Dec 2017] click here

  Philanthropist & Social Worker Excellence Award 2017 Presented to Janab Zafar Mahmood on 10 Dec 2017 by All India Muslim Advocates Forum for Justice, N.D. Aminuddin Educational & Welfare Trust
[Posted 12 Dec 2017] click here

  Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice 2017 to Zakat Foundation of India for extending their aid and assistance to the refugees in India
[Posted 12 Dec 2017] click here

  Contribution of Islam and Muslims in the Constituent Assembly (Presentation made by Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood on the eve of the Constitution Day in the program held in the Constitution Club, New Delhi on 26 Nov 2017)
[Posted 27 Nov 2017] click here

  ZFI’s Civil Services Orientation Programs at Lucknow & Bhopal
[Posted 27 Nov 2017] click here

  Madarsa Education in India: Exploring new Paradigms Darul Huda Islamic University & Jamia Millia Islamia
[Posted 7 Nov 2017] click here

  Saiyid Hamid Foundation inaugurated at India International Centre, New Delhi
[Posted 10 Oct 2017] click here

  Voice of America Report by Ritu Joshi Rohingyas in Darul Hijrat hosted by
[Posted 29 Sep 2017] click here

  ZFI's help in Bihar floods 2017
[Posted 28 Aug 2017] click here

  Super Genius Kid Tanmay Bakshi (studying in 8th, 13 year old) explaining IBM Watson and Artificial / Augmented intelligence machine learning. Watch this video.. his confidence, presence of mind and presentation is just amazing terrific.
[Posted 24 Aug 2017] click here

  Meet ex-IRS Officer Whose NGO Trains Kashmiri Youths to Clear UPSC Exam
[Posted 2 June 2017] click here

  مسلم نوجوانوں کی نمایاں کامیابی قبل رشک : انور الھدی
[Posted 2 June 2017] click here

  الکٹرانک ووٹنگ مشین و جمہوریت کے اندیشے
[Posted 6 Apr 2017] click here

  Rohingyas: The nowhere people whom no one wants
[Posted 6 Apr 2017] click here

  Electronic voting machines (EVMs) deserve multi-party control
[Posted 17 Apr 2017] click here

  ڈاکٹر سید ظفر محمود کا خطاب مرکزی جمعیت اہل حدیث کے قومی اجلاس میں ۔ دہلی ۱۹ مارچ ۲۰۱۷
[Posted 22 Mar 2017] click here

  On 25 Feb 2017, ZFI Prez addressed the candidates for Staff Selection Commission Exam in Delhi at SSC30 organized by Mr Fahad Rahman and his associates
[Posted 22 Feb 2017] click here

  UAE's City on Mars - 2117: Congrats HH Sheikh Mohammad for your vision
[Posted 17 Feb 2017] click here

  All-India consultations on Muslim educational empowerment
[Posted 17 Feb 2017] click here

  Importance of married life in Islam - Presentation made in New York
[Posted 13 Jan 2017] click here

  Extracts from President Obama's Farewell Address, Chicago, January 10, 2017
[Posted 10 Jan 2017] click here

  2017 Chunao ke liye Ghor o Fikr
[Posted 7 Jan 2017] click here

  Going round New Grace School, Pune flanked by Maulana Wali Rahmani and Mr PA Inamdar - Dec 2016
[Posted 2 Jan 2017] click here

  Sachar Committee Report - Decadal Review of the implementation - Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi - 22 Dec 2016 - ZFI President's PowerPoint presentation
[Posted 22 Dec 2016] click here

  Iqbal Academy India's program at Vice President's residence
[Posted 19 Dec 2016] click here

  Release of the book 'Matn Shinasi' by Hon'ble Vice President of India
[Posted 15 Dec 2016] click here

  Local Committee's visit to AMU Land in Bahraich
[Posted 10 Dec 2016] click here

  Moradabad Presentation 27 Nov 2016
[Posted 28 Nov 2016] click here

  A child speaks at UN
[Posted 27 Nov 2016] click here

  Uniform Civil Code - Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood's.
Response to Law Commission of India's Questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code
Response No. 2 dated 17 November 2016 emailed to the Hon'ble Chairman,
Law Commission of India, New Delhi

[Posted 18 Nov 2016] click here

  Apni duniya aap paida kar agar zindon me hai
[Posted 25 Oct 2016] click here

  Surya Namaskar Mumbai inter-religious discrimination and fundamental civil rights in order to cut
[Posted 15 Oct 2016] click here

  Felicitation of Successful Candidates for Civil Services & Eid Milan
[Posted 21 July 2016] click here

  ZFI President addressed civil services orientation program at Allahabad on 17 July 2016
[Posted 18 July 2016] click here

  Indian Social Reformer Facilitated
'Saudi Gazette', Jeddah, 16 June 2016

[Posted 17 June 2016] click here

  Meeting with IDB official in Jeddah
[Posted 02 June 2016] click here

  Bharuch (Gujarat) delegation visits ZFI
[Posted 02 June 2016] 
click here

  Open bid for Haj air transport to cut cost for Indian pilgrims
[Posted 29 May 2016] click here

  ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addressing Makkah Indian Forum in Makkah-Al-Mukarramah on 20 May 2016 on "21st century Indian Muslim Renaissance"
[Posted 23 May 2016] click here

  Discussion on Peace - Dharamshala
[Posted 03 May 2016] click here

  ZFI Prez addresses WB Muslims
[Posted 23 Apr 2016] click here

  AMU's Minority Character, the Judiciary and the Executive
[Posted 12 Apr 2016] click here

  Ittehaad-e Millat اتحاد ملت
[Posted 27 Mar 2016] 
click here

  Watan ki fikr kar nadaan: PowerPoint
[Posted 7 Mar 2016] click here

  Agra Speeches - Jointly signed letters submitted to President & Chief Justice
[Posted 4 Mar Feb 2016] click here

  Fikr-e Watan Seminar in Kolkata 25 Feb 2016
[Posted 26 Feb 2016] 
click here

  Congratulations all those who've passed the UPSC Mains Exam 2016. Like earlier years, Zakat Foundation of India will be organizing in Delhi multiple interview rehearsals conducted by panels comprising top bureaucrats, ex UPSC interviewers etc. Interested candidates may please write email to us at giving your full name, address, phone no. and UPSC Roll No.
[Posted Feb 19 2016]

  ZFI Prez as chief guest at Annual MESCO Program in Mumbai - 09 January 2016
[Posted Jan 21 2016] click here

  ZFI Prez addressing civil services aspirants of Maharashtra in Mumbai
[Posted Dec 30 2015] click here

  Dr Zafar Mahmood, along with Prof Mushirul Hasan, addressing a JNU gathering to commemorate Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
[Posted July 11 2015] click here

  Zawil Qurba
[Posted Apr 28 2015] click here

  With my dear friend & bro-in-law Mr Mohammad Afaq - 2015
[Posted Apr 28 2015] click here

  National Conference on Minorities and the Media - Hyderabad - 2015
[Posted Apr 22 2015] click here

  Turn Riba into charity - ZFI President's research paper - Glasgow University Conference on Islamic Finance
[Posted Apr 17 2015] click here

  While donating all his $ 785 million wealth for charity: I WANT TO BE THE PEBBLE IN THE POND THAT CREATES RIPPLES FOR CHANGE - Tim Cook - March 27, 2015
[Posted 28 Mar 2015] click here

  Maulana Shamsuddin Qasmi, Chief Imam of Makkah Masjid, Chennai and Chairman, IAS Academy of the masjid visited ZFI headquarters and discussed possible collaboration with ZFI
[Posted 26 Mar 2015] click here

  Obama's internal-peace proviso to upgrade US-India ties
[Posted 1 Feb 2015] click here

  Ek Shaam Prof Syed Khalid Mahmood ke naam
[Posted Nov 27 2014] click here

  Blanket Distribution to one Thousand Families in Kashmir Valley
[Posted Nov 26 2014] click here

  Supreme Court petitioned to intervene in Kashmir
[Posted Nov 6 2014] click here

Living the Quran

  Indonesian delegation calls on ZFI President
[Posted Oct 1 2014] click here

  ZFI President meets Lt. Governor of Delhi
[Posted Sep 25 2014] click here

  Jehad combats inner destructive emotions - Everybody carries jehad in the heart, including me, says Dalai Lama
[Posted Sep 22 2014] click here

  Lt Governor Najeeb Jung with spiritual leader Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders at the meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions of India in New Delhi
[Posted Sep 22 2014] click here

  73-year-old Tamil Nadu librarian Mr Palam Kalyanasundaram donated Rs 30 crore to the uneducated poor
[Posted July 01 2014] click here

  ZFI President's presentation at World Zakat Conference, New York, 28-29 May 2014 -
Organized collection & institutionalized utilization of Zakat, Sadaqah, Infaaq and Qulil 'Afwa at micro &
macro levels in India - A well-tested practice
[Posted June 01 2014] click here

  ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addressing a NRI Meet at MIT: Indian Election 2014
[Posted May 01 2014] 
click here

  Barkha Dutt ka ummed afza tv show
[Posted May 01 2014] 
click here

  ZFI President Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood addresses Harvard University seminar on Islamic Finance
[Posted Apr 27 2014] 
click here

  Got Silver Medal in SDA School, Bahraich
Resident of Happy Home, Bahraich
[Posted Apr 26 2014] click here

  Whatsapp Code click here

  Islamic Voice
[Posted Feb 24 2014] click here

  ZFI President took up the case of Myanmar's refugees in Delhi at all-India meeting hosted by UN High Commissioner for Refugees
[Posted Feb 15 2014] click here

  Current developments in Indian Muslim community Presentation made at Frankfurt
[Posted Feb 11 2014] click here

  نواڈکو: تخفظ اوقاف کا عمدہ نسخہ
Nawadco: Tahaffuz-e Awqaf ka umda nuskha Rashtriya Sahara 06 Feb 2014
[Posted Feb 8 2014] click here

 Ahinsa Ka Parbandhan, Presentation
[Posted Nov 9 2013] click here

 NEUPA - Minority Education, beyond Sachar Committee
[Posted Nov 5 2013] click here

 Pune Presentation
[Posted Oct 27 2013] click here

 Eid-al-Azha 2013 - Some of the riot affected children in ZFI's Happy Home
[Posted Oct 18 2013] click here

 Eid-al-Azha Namaz 2013 under ZFI arrangement at God's Grace School, New Delhi
[Posted Oct 17 2013] click here

[Posted Oct 17 2013] click here

 Imams urged to use pulpits of mosques to demand Muslim empowerment
[Posted Oct 14 2013] click here

 No elections in Muzaffarnagar till Muslims are back home: Zafar Mehmood
[Posted Oct 14 2013] click here

 With Prof. Masoodul Hasan at AMU, Aligarh on 8 Oct 2013
[Posted Oct 08 2013] click here

 "Indian Muslims increasingly disenchanted"
[Posted Oct 7 2013] click here

 وقف بل میں اب بھی کچھ ترمیمات ضروری ہیں
[Posted Oct 5 2013] click here

 Zakat Foundation Bulletin - July to September 2013
[Posted Oct 04 2013] click here

 Letter to Prime Minister on Delimitation Commission
[Posted Oct 2 2013] click here

 With Dr MAH Azhari, General Secretary, Relief & Charitable Foundation of India
[Posted September 21 2013] click here

 Speaking to NRIs in Dubai on Indian Muslim situation 19 Sept 2013
[Posted September 20 2013] click here

 ZFI President expressing anguish to the PM over Muzaffarnagar
[Posted September 21 2013] click here

 Muzaffarnagar Situation & Solutions : Long-term & short-term
[Posted September 19 2013] click here

 Video clips of Eye Witnesses of Murder & Rape in Muzaffarnagar
[Posted September 19 2013] click here

[Posted September 17 2013] click here

 ZFI's Muslim Reservation Correspondence with Minority Affairs Minister
[Posted September 5 2013] click here

 Urdu NCPUL Presentation
[Posted September 5 2013] click here

 Rashtriya Vishwas News on UPA
[Posted September 3 2013] click here

 Minorities Scheme and RTI Jaane Ka Haq
[Posted August 30 2013] click here

 Call for more amendments to Wakf Bill
[Posted August 26 2013] click here

 WAQF BILL 2013 : ZFI President in Rajya Sabha TV Panel Discussion
[Posted August 23 2013] click here

 Allama Iqbal's concept of Khudi, Mauj and Taqdeer: Radio Ramadan Edinburgh (Scotland) Interview of Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood
[Posted July 27 2013] click here

 UPA Action (Jul-Dec '13) expected by Muslims
[Posted July 20 2013] click here

 Lucknow Rally of Muslims, Christians and Scheduled Castes - 20 April 2013
[Posted Apr 30 2013] click here

 Dr Syed Zafar mahmood's presentation on Sachar Committee made in IICC Auditirium, New Delhi on
25 Dec 2012 in the presence of Mr K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Minority Affairs

[Posted Dec 26 2012] click here

 Works before new Minority Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan - I & II
[Posted Dec 10 & 17 2012] click here

 National Seminar on WAQF Management, India International Centre, New Delhi, 17 July 2012
[Posted Oct 23 2012] click here

 Quranic Morals
[Posted Sep 26 2012] click here

 SZM at Jabalut-Tariq (The Rock of Jibralter)
[Posted Sep 22 2012] click here

 Na tha agar too shareek-e mahfil, qusoor tera hai ya ki Mera ?
[Posted Aug 23 2012] click here

 Int'l Zakat Fund Quotes
[Posted August 06 2012] click here

 ZFI President received by prominent Indians in UK
[Posted July 19 2012] click here

 You can market your skills & talents at
[Posted July 16 2012] click here

 SZM at Cambridge Muslim College
[Posted July 12 2012] click here

 Bonding with Extended Family By Syed Zafar Mahmood
Times of India, Edit Page, The Speaking Tree, 29 June 2012

[Posted June 30 2012] click here

 Zuroorat hai hamaarey sha'oor baraae Nishaate Saaniya ki
[Posted June 20 2012] Hindi click here Urdu click here

 Sachar Committee Report in Urdu
[Posted June 20 2012] click here›   Part 1 / Part 2

 Admission in Engg, Diploma & Pharmacy in West Bengal
[Posted June 12 2012] click here

 R D Sethna Scholarship Last Date 31-08-2012
[Posted June 12 2012] click here

 ZFI President, Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood attended the IAS Trainee Officers' Valediction
[Posted June 08 2012] click here

 Sachar Report Summary
[Posted June 07 2012] click here

 Indian Army - Permanent Commission - Applications invited
[Posted May 22 2012] click here

 Quranic Teachings Presentation
[Posted May 13 2012] click here

 Haj Subsidy: Religious and Constitutional Aspects
[Posted May 03 2012] click here

 Haj Subsidy ke deeni, aaeeni wa baatini pahloo
[Posted May 03 2012] click here

 Prime Minister rescinds IPS Limited Exam
[Posted Apr 26 2012] click here

 Minutes of Meeting; ASI ND & Central Waqf Council
[Posted Apr 24 2012] click here